Time Management

Assignments, tests, homework, school, work, the ordeals of an every day college students life.  Everyone must learn to organize their lives so that they are not late for anything, and that they get things turned in on time.  However, life can begin to wear on people after awhile and they can fall behind.  During my high school period I was a chronic procrastinator.  I was always pushing things off and waiting to complete assignments until the last second and I was awful at managing the time given to me. I always managed to get my assignments turned in but I could have made it easier for myself.  As I enter into college I definitely changed my way of thinking when it comes to my time management.  I have truly spent my time more effectively getting assignments completed before their due dates.  It has made things much easier as a student not having to stress out about every assignment and test that I have to take.  As a writer I have much more enjoyed it because I have had time to really think about what I am writing. As a researcher it has been the same I have had time to research the topics I chose and really grasp a deep understanding of what I am discussing in able to write a truly informational research paper that is not quickly thrown together or rushed.  As for time management I have truly learned the finer points of it and how it is extremely helpful especially in my very busy unorganized life.  I look forward to continuing this new development into my second semester.

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